With ever increasing legislative and technological advances in terms of materials, performance and production methodologies, TPG’s Innovation Strategy introduced the Stage Gate process into New Product Development.

A cross function team works together to research and deliver new products to program to provide our partners with a future proof supplier that develops products that will meet the markets requirement now and in the future.

The competitive advantage of the innovation strategy provides fast to market new products that exceed the offer of the competition at a cost efficient price.

Examples of this are the launch of Comar 6EFT additional mullions and transoms in our 50mm curtain wall range that have the highest Ix and Iy in the industry, which means that the profile can span further with a lower box size, creating a value engineered solution.

Furthermore, our Comar 10 Window has been launched, a Passivhaus certified product with  U‐values as low as 0.66 coupled with processes that cut manufacturing costs by 70%